About Us

Reenvision Academic Excellence.

30+ years of closing the achievement gap in one year. 

Our Mission

The RESTART Educational Foundation‘s mission is transformational change. We strive to Engage, Educate, and Empower scholars to become global leaders and citizens of the world regardless of their zip code. 

Our Vision

Academic excellence for every scholar in preparation for college, career, or  venture into entrepreneurship regardless of their zip code. 

Our Core Values

Scholar Centered

We are dedicated to the success of scholars and their families; they’re at the heart of all we do. We ensure that scholars matriculate into a college, trade school, or entrepreneurship program.

Community Partnership

We value collaborative community partnerships that improves scholar performance and enhances community engagement.


We value individuality and mutual respect whereas an environment safety, community and collaboration is instilled.

Academic Excellence

We strive to exceed expectations as a benchmark standard.


We value creativity, discovery, and a balanced literacy approach to benefit from rigorous learning outcomes.

Champion Diversity and Inclusion

We value differences and the extraordinary experiences that enhance engagement and inspire a sense of innovation, an inclusive environment, and sense of belonging.

Continuous Improvement

We value the process of re-assessment for improvement and incremental changes that add up to significant measurable results.

Shared Responsibility

We value all stakeholders as collaborative and valuable members of the success of the scholar.

Rigorous Instruction

We value teaching that cultivates scholars to be independent learners and critical thinkers.

Lifelong Learning

We value a growth mindset which leads to creativity and critical thinking. Learning is a continuous communicative process.


We value differentiation with instruction to meet the various learning modalities of scholars for increased engagement.


We value a work ethic that keeps scholars motivated, challenged, and resilient.

Individual Potential

We value individuals developing within an environment that nurtures intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth.

Our History

We are a social impact organization with award winning educators who are practitioners. For nearly 30 years, our dynamic team has worked with socio-economically depressed communities and been able to successfully close the scholar achievement gap within one year. 

Transforming scholars.

Transforming Communities.

Transforming Generations.

What sets us apart?

Measurable, proven, and quantifiable results in closing the academic achievement gap in one year! 

A sense of purpose and a long-standing history of academic excellence for every scholar. 

The RESTART Educational Foundation is a social impact company with an incomparable educational framework that takes a holistic approach to educating scholars and transforming school districts holistically. 

For over 30 years, we’ve been utilizing  THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK  to successfully close the achievement gap in one year!

The academic success of scholars is paramount. We provide the most comprehensive, integrative,  and advanced framework to closing the achievement gap in one year.

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Close the achievement gap in one year!