Redefining Education.

Innovative and systemic transformation district-wide. A collaborative and iterative approach.

The RESTART Effect

What is the RESTART Effect? A case study in how a dedicated team of educational professionals can be a catalyst for change in urban communities and close the achievement gap in one year!  The results are from an innovative, inclusive, and academically rigorous framework that will assist you in developing and maintaining a high performing school district. Effectively utilizing our innovative education system, your school district will have measurable outcomes.  Implementing THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK will help you close the achievement gap in one year for your scholars! 


The Innovative, inclusive, and academically rigorous framework has shown proven results and success to close the student achievement gap within one year. 

We have built a culture of innovation based on disruptive thinking. With a collective 414 years of academic excellence the RESTART team is dedicated to your scholar’s success and closing the achievement gap in your district in one year. 

THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK is a data driven comprehensive blueprint and actionable plan for accelerating learning and closing the achievement gap for your scholars  in one year.

The process

Receive an actionable framework built upon your current academic infrastructure for immediate implementation, a Measurable Data plan, and an Impact Analysis Report of your district for growth.

Indicators of success - measurable results in core areas

Pillars of Efficacy

Ethical Leadership

    Climate & Culture

Collaborative Learning

          Innovative & Effective Instruction

Fiscal Prudence

 Scholar Commitment

          Organizational Leadership

 Transformative Parent Engagement

School/District Level Professional Development

Community Commitment 

The RESTART Team helps you implement THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK and ensure these indicators of success are in alignment with your overarching vision for scholars.


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Close the achievement gap in one year!