Educational Equity 

Reinventing a paradigm of education.
Results Matter. Ensure equitable access, inclusion, and high expectations for every scholar.

We are Disruptive Thinkers.

We are catalysts for change – dedicated to building a brighter future for scholars and their families. 

Our commitment yields equitable concrete outcomes, regardless of the stanine levels. With our unwavering determination, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in closing the achievement gap within a year.

The RESTART Educational Foundation is characterized by a sense of community and humanitarian values. 

We inspire a holistic approach that encompasses both the scholar and the family ecosystem. 

The RESTART Educational Foundation has successfully closed the scholar achievement gap for socio-economically under-served communities in one year. 

Our culture of academic excellence for scholars focuses on solving problems and building long term innovative solutions that help you develop and maintain a high performing school district that strengthens your community.

We work effectively and collaboratively with your school/district leadership teams to help you  implement THE WELLS STANDARD   FRAMEWORK for a lasting positive impact on your scholars and the entire school community. 

Our Global Impact Reach

Serving To Effectuate Generational Change

The RESTART team’s proven framework has successfully closed the achievement gap in one year for scholars with various learning levels and language barriers from the following countries.

Through stakeholder engagement we’ve seen students who once struggled graduate with honors and gain acceptance into colleges, universities, trade schools and entrepreneurship programs. 

Our quantifiable results have shown that every child has untapped potential regardless of their socio-economic background.

United States





Dominican Republic


EL Salvador








Sierra Leone




We have over 30 years of closing the achievement gap through innovative education.  

We prepare scholars for global citizenry by developing their passions, individuality, and creativity. 

We help build on your current infrastructure and enhance the academic strengths as a school district. 

We ensure all stakeholders are inclusive of the process.                                                                                                                                 

We help accelerate your scholar’s learning, attain academic excellence, and close the academic achievement gap in one year. 

We have an uncompromising work ethic and a framework that encompasses a commitment to excellence, quality, and teamwork … systemic transformation is inevitable.

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Close the achievement gap in one year!