Revitalize underserved school districts.

Leave a legacy. Help close the achievement gap for scholars in your community.

Thanks to donors like you, The RESTART Educational Foundation is making a difference in the lives of scholars. 

Give the gift of academic excellence.

Ways to give

Online – visit and put your gift of academic excellence  to work right away. 


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The RESTART Educational Foundation

2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE BOX 1134                                                Washington DC 20013


Donations go directly to The RESTART Education Foundation to implement THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK throughout schools in underserved areas. 

Donate and bring RESTART and THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK  to a specific school district of your choice to bring about systemic change for scholars and families. 

Host a fundraiser to initiate change in your school district and bring RESTART to implement THE WELLS STANDARD FRAMEWORK to your community to close the achievement gap in one year for scholars. 

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Close the achievement gap in one year!