Reaffirming a tradition of academic excellence.
What are the consequences if you don’t close the achievement gap?

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Like any good investment, The RESTART Educational Foundation‘s options are designed to minimize your costs and maximize your return on investment for scholars in your school district.  Apply here.

What is the cost and consequences if you don’t close the achievement gap?

Accelerate learning in less time and watch your scholars receive a lifelong return on your investment for scholars. 

What will you receive in return?

Life-long learners

Increased standardized test scores 

Reduced drop-out rates 

Soaring graduation rates

Lower absenteeism 

Strong community schools

Legacy building for families

Develop and maintain a high performing school district with great schools and strong community engagement.

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We invite you to collaborate with us in transforming education and creating generational change for your school/school district. 

Contact us if you’re ready for systemic transformation in your school community with The RESTART Educational Foundation.

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Close the achievement gap in one year!