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Diversity – Equity – Inclusivity.

The RESTART Educational Foundation hires the most innovative solution based educators in the world with the sole mission of closing the achievement gap in one year and ensuring all scholars have the foundation to become global citizens. 

Apply for a position to work with us within a few easy steps

-Complete the application with all attachments and references

     * You will not be able to move forward if attachments/references are incomplete

-Initial phone screening preliminary interview with HR department

-Formal Interview 

Mandatory Clearance Process:

   * You will not be able to move forward until all clearances are satisfactory 

Full Background check and Fingerprinting         TB Risk Assessment

Sex offender Registry                                                 Drug and Alcohol Testing                                                                     

Privacy Act Notifications                                           Equal employment opportunity

 Engage.     Educate.     Empower.

Join leading education authority experts who are transforming the education landscape and successfully closing the scholar achievement gap in one year!

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Close the achievement gap in one year!